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Food services

Food is at the heart of everything we do

There are many reasons why you are thinking about foodservice. Many of our clients initially come to us for simple staff or customer feeding solution. Over the years Compass Group learnt that … it’s not just about food. Consumers today, at any level, expect environment, experience, choice, freshness, IT integration and much more. We're here to provide a choice of high quality, nutritious and well balanced food to meet people's needs throughout the day and throughout life.

More and more organizations are choosing to outsource their foodservice to us. By doing so they can focus on running their operatons and by working with us they can befenit from:

  • Improving quality and potentially reducing costs
  • Meeting international health, safety and environmental standards
  • Taking advantage of our market leading innovation and experiences from around the world
  • Access to the global food concepts and leading brands.