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Sector brands
  Eurest is our business and workplace specialist brand that prides itself on creating contemporary food service solutions from the workplace, ranging from staff cafeteria to executive dining, from the tea room to the board room and everything in between. Our many years of workplace hospitality around the world makes us a reliable choice for outsourcing your foodservice.

Our sector-focused businesses give our clients access to insights, marketing-leading innovation and the specialist skills of our people who work in and understand our clients' industries. These businesses are recognized market leaders in their field.

  From kindergarten to college, providing the nutrition to help the development of young minds and bodies.

Our family of food and nutrition specialists help fuel the ideas and development of future generations with fun, healthy dining options. But we do much more than feed hungry students. We practice a single-minded commitment to building strong bodies, sharp minds and establishing the foundation for a long, healthier life.

  Our foodservice offer is tailored to fit a variety of customer profiles, including patients, staff and visitors. Healthcare covers a broad spectrum of care, from hospitals, private clinics and welfare establishments, through to centres for the elderly and handicapped.

In most locations our foodservice offer includes patient feeding, retail food courts, hospitality catering, vending, retail shops and staff restaurants. In hospitals we have developed innovative patient feeding programmes such as Steamplicity and Catering to You where the patient can order a freshly cooked meal from an extensive personal menu selection that is specially designed to meet medical diet needs.