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Supply chain

Compass Group has its own centralized supplier network.

This network allows us to offer to our clients a traceability of our products and therefore providing a reliable source with each of our suppliers complying and respecting our hygiene standards. Our purchasing department ensures that:

  • Responsible for considering all quality, safety and health aspects associated with the supply of food, plant, equipment and other materials
  • Suppliers are controlled, checked and selected only if they apply to legal and quality standards and certifications
  • Selected suppliers are subject to KPI evaluations in order to ensure high quality standards
  • Prices follow market standards and fluctuations
  • Chefs can only place orders from selected and authorized suppliers
  • Together with our Hygiene & Safety Manager, they perform inspection to guaranty consistent quality & safety, control of origins and traceability
  • Capacity of immediate product substitution in case of epidemics
  • Huge variety of product availability with sourcing experience of a wide range
  • Compass Group commits to source 100% cage free eggs by 2025.

Control Standards

  • Internal QA Audit  (Monthly)
  • Regional Manager QA Audit  (Random)
  • Third Party QA audit  (Quarterly or upon Client request)

Control Points
Our systematic QA spot-check hygiene monitoring controls every step of the production flow and provides monthly reporting and targeted training.